Peter Demos

Civil Disobedience

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What will you do when an unjust law or rule conflicts with your faith?

The year 2020 revealed the hearts of many people. We saw widespread protests against police brutality. We saw churches shut down, both voluntarily and involuntarily. We witnessed public attacks on pastors and church buildings when they refused to close. Some were even arrested. No one could have imagined how quickly things escalated, and many were unprepared.

We’re no longer living in a “what if?” world. The rules can change at any moment. Government laws and workplace policies tighten by the day. It’s no longer unthinkable that rules could be enacted that violate our faith.

What will you do?

Christians need to think about the seriousness, the risks, and the righteous duty for Civil Disobedience before the time comes to act.

In this timely yet timeless book, you will be invited to think critically about your decisions to act or remain silent in the face of unjust policies. With powerful examples from history and a careful eye to Scripture, Peter Demos presents a solid case for when Christians ought to stand down and when we ought to rise up.

Every Christian needs to consider the possible cost of our action or inaction. Are you ready for the days ahead?